GTP 10.5 - Cracker Barrel

Gutter Talk #10.5 is live. In this mini episode we discuss Cracker Barrel. Later in the podcast we take on the far lighter topic of copyright law.

The opening song for the podcast is Users' Rights, Section 107 by Michael RobbGrie

Joe's Post-podcast Debate Concession
After some soul searching, and an exhaustive examination of its Wikipedia article, I must acknowledge that Cracker Barrel is a "Southern comfort food" restaurant. I also learned that Ohio has the largest Amish population. Take that Wikipedia statistic, Pascalle!

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GTP 10 - Showers

Episode ten of the Gutter Talk Podcast is up! In this episode we cover the goings-on at Comic-Con with guest podcaster Ryan Smith of Accursed Dragon. We'll be inviting Ryan back for a more interview intense episode, but for now enjoy our harrowing tale of bathroom fixtures!

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GTP 9 - Comic-Con

The latest episode of the Gutter Talk Podcast is up! We talk about our plans for the incoming San Diego Comic-Con. We also discuss Transformers 2 and why Gundam Wing is and always will be the best of the Gundam series.

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GTP 8 - Scott Sava

GTP 8 - The Time We Saved Dolphins with Scott Sava (1hr 27min)

Somehow we keep getting awesome guests to join us on the podcast. This week Scott Sava joined us for a chat about his comic The Dreamland Chronicles! Clocking out at an hour and 27 minutes, this is a big one, so grab a snack, make sure you have a comfortable seat, and enjoy!

Show Notes

Music: Mr Sandman by The Chordettes

News: Gutter Talk is not on Twitter ( )
News: New White Noise website ( )

0:01:45 - ADSDAQ Survivor

0:04:00 - Dealing with criticism

0:12:00 - What is The Dreamland Chronicles?

0:15:00 - The road to Deamland

0:20:00 - The process

0:27:00 - Last minute changes and reader feedback

0:38:30 - Professionalism - Don't tell people to kiss off

0:43:30 - Advice on making a 3-D webcomic

0:53:30 - Wake up to Darth Vader

0:56:00 - Time Management

0:60:00 - Convention tips

1:01:30 - Convention Kavorka

1:07:00 - Scott's secret favorite

1:11:30 - Scott, language! (link)

1:15:30 - "it's tough for a guy to shrink boobs"

1:18:00 - How does Scott keep his rugged good looks?

1:20:00 - Go Go Power Rangers!

1:24:00 - Storytelling and writing

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